What Can Be Funded?

What can you apply for?

Study at University
  • Often your costs to study at University are unknown.  That’s ok, please include your chosen University preferences and where you think you might be living, for example indicate if you have applied to live on campus/in private rental etc.
  • It is important you know if you are eligible for support from Centrelink, and what level of support you are eligible for.
  • Your scholarship is granted based on the above criteria. The level of financial support you’ll actually require will be determined after your application is approved, and Chances staff meet with you.

Study at TAFE - including Apprenticeships
  • Course fees that cannot be VET Student Loan deferred
  • Text books
  • Supplies/equipment
  • Expenses when travelling to trade school

What can’t you apply for?

  • Course fees where they are able to be VET Student Loan or HECS-HELP deferred.
  • Full fee paying courses where an equivalent HECS- HELP funded course is available.
  • Reimbursements for expenses already incurred.
  • Activities for studies outside of Australia.

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