Eligibility Criteria

Before making an application to Chances for Children please read the following information. It is advisable that applicants contact Chances for Children to confirm eligibility.

Age Range
Applications will be accepted in respect of children and young people eligible to attend pre-school up to and including tertiary education, between the ages of 4-25 years.

Applications outside of this age range may be considered in extra-ordinary circumstances.

Applications will only be considered from applicants that reside in & / or attend a school the service area of Mallee Family Care, that being North West Victoria and South West New South Wales.

Financial Support Provided
Any financial assistance provided will be paid to a nominated third party, monies will not be paid directly to recipients. Costs/items already purchased cannot be reimbursed.

Financial support will only be provided where:
It is clearly evidenced the family is not in a financial position to meet the expenses. (Evidenced by completed family budget and supporting documentation.
Assistance for completing budgets is available at:

Mallee Family Care - Financial Counselling
(Swan Hill & Mildura - Free Appointment)
T: (03) 50 235966
  • Applicants have clearly demonstrate that all reasonable alternate sources of financial assistance have been explored and exhausted. [Evidence required]
  • All other avenues of funding have been exhausted – including government funding. [Evidence required]

Chances does not cover:
  • Private school fees, unless extenuating circumstances can be evidenced.
  • HECS fees, TAFE Diploma Fees or any other course fees that are able to be deferred.
  • Full fee paying courses when an equivalent HECS funding course is available.
Applications seeking assistance for activities outside of Australia will be given low priority and the application will not be considered if a similar goal can be achieved domestically. Applications for electronic devices (computers, iPads) are considered low priority support.

Tertiary Studies
In respect of applications for tertiary assistance, it is expected that if the first preference course is available in the community that the applicant will list this course as their first choice. Exceptional circumstances as to why the applicant would be best placed to undertake study outside of their community will be considered with supporting documentation from the Referring Professional or other professionals working with the applicant.

Sporting / Cultural Support
  • Chances will only fund applications that can demonstrate high level of achievement and that the area of interest is a serious consideration as a career path. [Evidence required]
  • Additional funds to supplement an existing funding arrangement may be granted where it can be demonstrated that this will make a difference to the outcomes of the existing project funding.
  • Applications for accredited programs for children with learning disabilities may be considered.
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