Application Process

Complete an application form – things to consider.
Please read the application form carefully, and answer all the questions as best you can.

Evidence of Financial Hardship
Chances for Children rely heavily on financial information to determine eligibility for Chances scholarships, so it is important that we have this information to help our District Selection Committee in their decision making.
Statement of support from two (2) referees 
All applicants must have two (2) referees to support their application.
Who can be a referee?
Referees can be people who are well known to the applicant, for example teachers, principals, wellbeing officers, sporting coaches or case workers. 

Referees cannot
  • be a family member or friend, or
  • financially benefit from any award granted by Chances – e.g. cannot be the provider of the service that the award will pay for. 
Lodge your application in full by the closing date 
You can submit your application at any time by posting your completed application to:

PO BOX 1870, Mildura Victoria 3500 
Or email your application to:

Chances for Children is a community funded program. We would like to acknowledge the support and commitment of the local community, businesses, Corporate Partners, Sustaining Supporters and Workplace Givers who support us to ensure that the absence of money does not stand in the way of a young person’s ability to achieve their maximum potential.        
Dare to Dream   

When will I hear back about my application? 
The Chances Selection Committee considers applications two (2) times per year. To be considered for a Chances award, please submit your application by:

Next Funding Round Closes
Friday 19th October 2018

Applications submitted after the closing date of each round will be held over until the following round.

Exceptional Circumstance Applications
Exceptional circumstance applications may be accepted outside the nominated funding rounds. Please contact Chances for Children staff to discuss individual circumstances. 

Applications will only be accepted on current Chances for Children application forms.

Incomplete applications
Chances staff will try no less than two (2) times to request missing information before deeming an application incomplete and returning it to the applicant.
How will my application be assessed? 
Applications are assessed by the District Selection Committees (Mildura and Swan Hill), with scholarships being granted at their discretion based on the information provided in the application and the amount of funding available for allocation.  On occasions, applicants may be requested to provide further information.  Additional information may be from relevant individuals listed in the application.

All applications are treated as strictly confidential.  Your application will only be released to the District Selection Committee.

The District Selection Committee’s recommendations (first name only) will be presented to the  Mallee Family Care Board, along with a request to release the funds required. The Mallee Family Care Board is responsible for the financial management of Chances.  All Board and Committee members are bound by Mallee Family Care’s Privacy Policy.
When will I be notified about the outcome? 
You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application within approximately four (4) weeks of the closing date.
Further questions? 
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Chances team by telephoning
0350 217 480 or email
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Mildura Office:
Haselgrove House
122 Ninth Street Mildura
T: (03) 5023 5966

Swan Hill Office:
Marie Schlemme Centre
229 Beveridge Street Swan Hill
T: (03) 5032 4479