Am I Eligible?

Are you studying Year 11 or 12?
The Keeping Kids at Secondary School scholarship is targeted specifically at supporting students in Year 11 and 12 to remain engaged with school.

Is the applicant an Australia Citizen living in North West Victoria or South West New South Wales?
This area refers to the Local Government Areas of Mildura (RC), Wentworth (S), Balranald (S), Swan Hill (RC), Gannawarra (S), Buloke (S), and Greater Wakool Ward.  You must currently reside or attend school in these areas at the time of applying to Chances.

You must be an Australian citizen to be eligible for a Chances scholarship.

Are there financial reasons why the applicant needs our help?
Your application must evidence that the applicant and their family are unable to financially support the request.

Has the applicant looked at other options?
Chances for Children funding should be treated as a last resort.  We encourage you look at other sources of funding before applying to Chances. This includes exhausting the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund and setting up payment plans with the school. 
It is also expected that second-hand books be sourced.

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