Where does the money go?
Donations made by individuals and businesses get passed on, in their entirety, to Chances recipients.  Dependent on the agreement, donations made through corporate and community partnerships and philanthropic trusts may be set aside in corpus (investment) for future planning to ensure Chances sustainability.  At this point in time, all administrative costs to run Chances as a program are made by our auspice, Mallee Family Care.

How do we know our money is going to the right place?
Chances has a number of checks and balances by way of our governance structure.  Our Committee of Management is a sub-committee of Mallee Family Care.  This group oversees the operation of Chances, and is made up by local interested individuals.  Ultimate financial decisions are made by Mallee Family Care’s Board of Management.

Applications for funding are assessed by District Selection Committees (one in Mildura, the other in Swan Hill) who recommend support to the Committee of Management for ratification, and MFC Board for financial sign off.

Now you have the money, what do you do with it?
Chances has 3 assessment periods throughout the year, where we call for applications for financial assistance to help young people to achieve their goals.

Majority of our support goes to young people hoping to pursue tertiary education outside of the district and are required to relocate to be able to achieve this goal.  Along with financial support for our tertiary students, we also offer a tertiary mentoring program using volunteer mentors to assist with a recipient’s transition to university.

We also help young people in Year 11 and 12 remain engaged with school; kids who may show career prospects in music or sport; or young people who needs some extra assistance in the classroom.

How can you apply?
Simply click on the  HOW DO I APPLY? tab on the top of the menu to read all about eligibility criteria and the application process.
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